Peace of Mind starts with us. 

Our Mission

San Luis Fiduciary aims to bring peace of mind to those we serve. We balance compassion, impartiality and professional advocacy to help our clients and their families enjoy a fulfilling life.

who we serve

Those seeking our help are often seniors, people with intellectual or physical disabilities, and those with challenging family dynamics or no local support network. Our clients also include busy professionals and retirees, long term travelers and veterans. We provide fiduciary services to the residents of San Luis Obispo County and the surrounding areas.

Areas of practice

  • Power of Attorney

    We practice the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters

  • Power of Attorney for Health Care

    We practice the authority to make medical decisions for another person if they are unable to do so themselves

  • Trust Administration

    Manage trust property according to the trust document's terms and for the benefit of the beneficiaries

  • Conservatorship

    Serve as conservator appointed by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another due to physical or mental limitations

  • Executorship

    Appointed by clients to carry out the terms of their will

  • Special Needs Trusts

    Trust administration that allows a physically or mentally disabled or chronically ill person to receive income without reducing their eligibility for public assistance benefits

  • Veteran’s Administration Fiduciary

    Serve veterans in the VA Fiduciary Program by managing pension distributions for their benefit